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Abbreviation: DNA PHARMA
Date of establishment: March 10, 1960
Address office: 16 - Nguyen Thi Minh Khai - Vinh City - Nghe An Province
Tel: 038.3841642; 3842941
Fax: 038.3844674; 3848720
Email :
Website :

Tax code: 2900491298
Account number: 102010000383820 Bank of Trade in Nghe An
Manufacturing sector of business:
+ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing business - Cosmetics, food and medicine medical equipment.
+ Business restaurants, hotels.
+ Rental office.


On March 10, 1960 Nghe An People's Committee Decision No. 134/QD-UB merged pharmacy Nghe An and drug companies North and South into "International pharmaceutical sales Nghe An.

1976: Implementing the policy best two in Nghe An and Ha Tinh province of state investors. People's Committee of Nghe An province on May 20 1976 decision 1308 / QD-UB to merge two state-owned pharmaceutical Nghe An and Ha Tinh to "pharmaceutical company Nghe Tinh.

In 1979 the company was awarded the Council of Ministers emulation flag excellence, two county-level divisions was awarded 3rd Labor Medal.

By 1981 advocates of the state and the direction of the Ministry of Health, Nghe Tinh Province People's Committee has decided 725/QD-UB on July 27, 1981 merger of three enterprises I, II, factory Traditional Medicine with drug companies to Pharmaceutical Factory of Medicine lien investors. Simultaneous transfer, decentralized pharmacies cities and districts of the city, district manager.

From 1986 to 1989 exhibition fairs nationwide to be awarded 12 gold medals, 11 silver medals and four certificates of merit for the drugs and medicinal products.

1991 implementation of the policy of the state division separating the provinces of Nghe Tinh 2 Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces, the company's new name is "Pharmaceutical Company-medicinal An Art"

1993 implementation of the policy of the country annexed the pharmaceutical companies of the city, districts with pharmaceutical companies - pharmaceutical materials Nghe An. Pharmacy units of the city, county to become the Pharmacy companies.

Company established in 1998 TTTM Pharmaceutical and cosmetics activities effectively, more domestic and foreign partners interested in joint venture.

2000 due to characteristics and operating conditions, the Nghe An People's Committee for Pharmaceutical Company changed its name - medicinal Nghe An to "Pharmaceutical Company of Nghe An.

2001 implementation of the policy of the State, on December 31, 2001 in the People's Committee of Nghe An Province 4726/QD-UB-DN the transformation of ownership pharmaceutical companies to Nghe An JSC Medicine - VTYT An Art.


Registered capital: 20 billion VND (100% foreign shareholders)
Regional office: No. 16 - Nguyen Thi Minh Khai - Vinh City - Nghe An
Plant GMP-WHO: No. 68 - Nguyen Sy Sach - Vinh City - Nghe An
Trade Center Pharmacy - Cosmetics: No. 28 - Le Loi - Vinh City - Nghe An
19 branches in the province
01 branches in Hanoi
Total fixed assets all companies: 29,567,732,917 VND
Retail system 545 stalls and 200 agents


2015 is one of the leading enterprise distribution Medicine Cosmetic nationwide.

2020 As one of the leading enterprises in manufacturing Food and Drug function.



Academic, creative, professional, providing products, functional foods are good quality, reasonable price, perfect service meet the needs of consumers. Contribute to better career on treatment, care, protection, improving people's health, Health life more beautiful. Creating a firm belief for people and businesses.

DNA PHARMA  trust people

For customers:

Belief in the best quality products.

Belief in the best price.

Belief in the best services.

Belief in the relationship best.

For staff:

Confidence in the work environment safe and healthy.

Trust policy attention to human resources.

Belief in opportunity and income higher fines.

For partner:

Belief in cooperation sustainable.

For investors:

Confidence in the profitability of investment.

For society:

Belief in social responsibilities of enterprises.


PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY AN is the first company in the North Central region with a factory producing medicines WHO GMP.

PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY AN are a business leader in Nghe An and production business and medicament.

PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY AN system factory line of modern machinery, advanced technology-WHO GMP, GLP, GSP by the Vietnam Drug Administration certification.

Potential marketing

The company has invested several hundred million for research new products, high quality and meet the needs of the market. On product packaging, we always focus design, layout aesthetics, with a separate computer, create a recognizable attracting customers such as product name logo, colors, style .. . Packing the best.

Featured products such as Chorlatcyn, Lyzatop, a colon, Active blood brain conditions, luc.vv. Kien.

Price: DNAPHARMA very interested in improving management practices, investment in technological lines increased labor productivity, cost reduction price, ensuring price products DNAPHARMA always ensure power competitive best to ensure harmony between the interests of businesses and interests of patients.

Distribution: DNAPHARMA a distribution system across India: 19 Representative office in the province, a branch in Hanoi, 1 Center trading pharmaceutical cosmetics venture patience with more than 200 enterprises and firms produce and trading drugs and treatment and abroad., with over 400 retail outlets belonging to the company, and over 300 agents. DNAPHARMA always interested in building and developing a distribution system in the most professional. 2008 DNAPHARMA standard: "Practice good medicine distribution" (GDP). Plan 2009 - 2010 building complete chain pharmacies standard on GPP city of Vinh and a district principal. In 2013 100% of the counters DNAPHARMA drug GPP standard.

Sales promotion:

This is a strategically very important. DNAPHARMA have invested a lot of funding to this strategy. Logo from construction, organization of seminars conference introducing the product and image of the company, the sales promotion programs more ....