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Glucocorticoid medication group


Each contains Prednisolon:
Prednisolon ... 5mg
Excipients ... 1 member




Box x 20 tablets 20vi


Replacement therapy:
Disability cover adrenal (Addison Disease)
Reduced pituitary function, Sheehan syndrome

Stress states after long-term treatment with Glucocorticoid

Treatment of symptoms:

Joint disease

Have chronic joint inflammation, pain as much of lower

System diseases:

Lupus erythema system, inflammation, many types of cartilage atrophy chronic inflammation of many arteries are local, inflammatory vascular eosin Favorite granulomas, granulomas stranded Wegner, other types of vascular inflammation, increase popular eosin syndrome, illness christian Weger.

Bronchial and lung diseases:

Bronchial asthma, lung disease models, such as lung fibrosis patients, sacoit diseases.

Heart disease:

Inflammation of the membrane outside - in the heart lining.

Infectious diseases:

Prevent neuralgia after zoster ecpet, the TB such as TB meningitis, pulmonary TB: TB severe cases include high fever and increased service leaks.

The urethral genital diseases:

The hep urinary tract disease.

Liver disease:

Progression of chronic hepatitis (HBsAg - negative)

Gastro intestinal disease:

Inflamed colon have ulcers, inflammation feedback colon (Crohn's Disease)

Endocrine diseases and specialist:

Stories poisoning thyroid diseases in endocrine, increased calcium syndrome, insulin resistance.

The kidney and urinary tract:

Nephrotic syndrome, acute renal glomeruli, Assembly chungGoodpasture, fibrosis in the stomach lining.

Blood disease:

Whole bone marrow diseases, leukemia Certificate infected pepper, immune hemolytic anemia,

hemorrhagic disease thrombocytopenia, acute leukemia may limpho, u lymphatic malignant diseases, disease limpho particles, gamma rays due to malignant disease.

Complementary tumor therapy:

Pliers associated with the drugs in the treatment cell tumors

Anti-nausea, soothing temporary neurological diseases, inflammation, muscle, myasthenia gravis, nerve inflammation has chronic syndrome Tolosa - hunt, scattered sclerosis patients.

Allergic skin diseases related Body:

Such nerve angioedema, rash of strong medicine, autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythema body, inflammation of the skin, full body sclerosis progression. Inflammatory skin diseases:

disorders such as severe sweating, erythema pitches, psoriasis foot red hair, skin diseases if the particles.

Diseases ear, nose, throat:

Fever season, the disease narrow larynx and bronchial acute inflammation such as bar trachea, swallowing mucus automatically, scratched esophagus, sudden deafness.

The eye disease:

Enhanced inflammatory remarks, inflammation usually has a desert, keratitis, chronic inflammation may mi, meningococcal malt.

Disease children:

Adrenal genital syndrome, syndrome endangered spontaneous, rheumatic fever, thrombocytopenia, inflammation rules larynx.


Indicated when no alternative treatment or short-term Glucocorticoid Treatment in stages of life-threatening patients. Prednisolon not treated. prolonged in cases

Virus infection levels, progression of chronic hepatitis, HBsAg, parasites and diseases before 8 weeks or after 2 weeks, creating immune reserve. Prednisolon not be used except to consider closely the benefits and risks, under strict medical supervision and treatment of diseases while the secondary cases: the gastric ulcer, bowel, infections because level or chronic bacterial, fungal body, severe hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes seriously, the mental illness angle glaucoma and closed angle open, low concentrations of albumin in the blood.


Be careful when treating for children growing period.

Use of Prednisolon chobenh elderly should always be reduced doses compared to young people by older people at risk of osteoporosis and reduce the protection.

Acute viral infection can be severe due to the treatment Prednisolon immunosuppressive effects of it. After close contact with patients infected with the virus must immediately notify the physician if necessary start preventive treatment in this case.

Used for pregnant women and nursing mothers:

Prednisolon be used to slow development in the pregnant cervix as a result of the use of Glucocorticoid higher during pregnancy, especially the first 3 months of pregnancy should limit use.

Glucocorticoid information on milk thus weaning if using high doses or prolonged treatment should be.


Prednisolon and other corticosteroids may obscure signs of infection and decline in immune response of the body with natural infection. Patients using corticosteroids more susceptible to infections and serious infections may be more healthy. For example, chicken pox virus and measles virus can cause illness and even death for patients using high doses prednisolon. Do not use live virus vaccines such as chicken pox vaccine, prednisolon patients using high doses, because even in the vaccine virus can cause illness in these patients. A number of pathogenic microorganisms, such as tuberculosis (TB) and malaria can nǎm potential in many patients. Prednisolon and other corticosteroids can reactivate dormant infections in these patients quiet and cause serious illness. Patients with TB can be hidden to be used during anti-TB treatment lasts corticosteroids.
By affecting the immune response of patients, prednisolon can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Prednisolon also affect tuberculin skin test is negative and cause authors in TB patients can hide.


Side effects of prednisolon depends on dose, duration and frequency of use. Data on the short prednisolon usually well tolerated with few and mild side effects. Prednisolon prolonged high doses often cause side effects were scheduled in advance and can be severe. If possible, use the lowest dose prednisolon in the shortest time to reduce side effects. Changed daily doses also reduce side effects.
Side effects of prednisolon including water retention, weight gain, increased blood pressure, increased pressure on fear, loss of potassium, headache, weakness, edema, and grow beard hair on the face, thin skin, easy bruising, increased pressure labels , cataract, gastrointestinal ulcers, delayed wound healing, increased blood sugar, menstrual disorder, Cushing syndrome, growth retardation in children (rickets, the shrink), osteoporosis, bone necrosis, have shock and psychological disorders (depression, excitement, insomnia, mood swings, change character, even psychotic behavior), multiple infection by immunodeficiency.


Replacement therapy:

Replacement therapy to levels consistent with physiological demands, in the case of general Prednisolon from 5 to 7.5 mg / day. Stress in the case, after extended with Glucocorticoid treatment should start reducing the dose 50mg then slowly. Total daily dose should be used in the morning or after breakfast (6-8h light).

Treatment of symptoms:

Initial dose:
Adult 30-100 mg (possibly 300 mg) Prednisolon daily.
Children may Prednisolon to 1-2 mg / kg body weight per day.

Maintenance dose:
Adults: 5 to 7.5 mg (probably 10mg) Prednisolon daily.
Children 2.5 to 5 mg (possibly up to 7.5 mg) Prednisolon / day


24 months from the date of manufacture


Cool dry place, protected from light.



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